A Wedding Romantique

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  The ceremony was held outside at this picturesque, rustic styled home. Being both elegant and historical, the landscape was classically ideal for the wedding and reception.

The wedding party, well dressed in smooth cream colors, even as the smooth music, that also colored the gathering in sound.

Heart felt applause erupted after Corey and Jamie said their vows and the pronouncement was made! The music for their walk was just perfect.

Kurtis entertained with couples games while also syncing beats into the night! Old school disco and bringing it up to some Top 40 had everybody grooving.

One of the best moments of the night happened when Corey and Jamie in the center of the dance floor was circled by their wedding party as they danced together as if the world began that night!

In the words of Rhonda, the mother of the groom”
“Their colors were periwinkle and violet, somewhat traditional but with a casual California twist, a garden wedding, with an outside reception at Iamosa, a historical house in Rancho Cucamonga built in 1906. The home has been privately owned for the past 25 years.

Weddings were held here in the past, but the son of the owner Howard LaParry and myself, Rhonda Meyer (Corey’s mom) have done some renovations to start usig this beautiful home as an event venue.

It was a perfect first wedding as a kickoff for our venue. Kurtis did a wonderful job and everyone seemed to really enjoy celebrating Corey and Jaime’s marriage with all of our family and friends. It was a lot of fun and an amazing memory we will always cherish.

Thank you Kurtis for helping make this special day even more fun! Hopefully we can work together on more events at Ioamosa.
Thank you,
Rhonda and Howard”
For info on venue contact Rhonda Meyer at byrdesign@gmail.com

Congratulations to Corey and Jaime Medrano,
It was our pleasure! From Kurtis and all of us here at
                                       Groovebox Entertainment!